Latest Article! [26-June-2020] Collecting Card Decks & Kickstarter Sword Deck
My newest card deck just arrived this week.... and why I think deck collecting is a great hobby
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Hi, and welcome to my blog. I created this to give me an outlet for all of my hobbies and interests, all in the same place. I have several pastimes, and its always been a challenge to divide them up, feeling that it was only a part of my interests. So, I can't promise that this place will be ordered and well structured, and most likely it will jump between a variety of semi-random topics and thoughts. I have tried to organise the site so that visitors can easily find the specific content that interests them.

There are two main sections, devoted to my biggest two hobbies. Mini Wargames covers a variety of tabletop games played with miniatures and models, and includes games that I have had a hand in developing under my own house banner of CyberDesign, pictures and progress on my miniatures, reports from games that I have played, thoughts on the industry and anything else related to the huge hobby of wargaming. Mecha covers my love or robots.... and there are not really any more limitations than that. Primarily, this focuses on my Transformers collection that constantly grows, but also includes my love of Macross, old school Machine Robo and Gobots and any other robot toys, figures and designs, as well as news and reports from robots in the real world.

The two secondary sections are in place to cover essentially anything else that I might want to talk about in the future. Other Hobbies gives me an outlet to cover either interests that I have which are secondary and not as strong, or are passing and not likely to remain an interest long term, or which are simply not very visual appropriate for online display. For example, I am a fan of yoyos, but not particularly skilled, so beyond the odd picture of a new purchase, there isn't much else to say about them. Finally, Musings is my 'and everything else' category. This will include thoughts, more personal posts, rants and vents, and anything else that doesn't have a home elsewhere.

I hope that you find something to interest you here. This blog site is constantly evolving and changing, and I welcome feedback and your thoughts on it.

The latest articles and posts are listed below.


Collecting Card Decks & Kickstarter Sword Deck

Collecting Card Decks & Kickstarter Sword Deck

Published: June 26, 2020 Category: Card Decks
I have a number of secondary hobbies.... mostly involving collecting stuff I don't really need. However, one of the hobbies that I am most happy with is a small collection of playing card decks. This is a great collection to have. A deck will...
Orky Waaagh-Muster

Orky Waaagh-Muster

Published: May 08, 2020 Category: Epic Armageddon (Epic, all versions)
I have always been a huge fan of Epic, in all of its evolutions. The original Space Marine and Adeptus Titanicus games were some of my first favourites, and I have stuck with the concept and scale in 40K since, far beyond the core game, getting...
Stars and Steel Launch Livestream

Stars and Steel Launch Livestream

Published: May 18, 2020 Category: Stars and Steel
In an act that I was 97% sure I would regret, I was persuaded into a livestream to celebrate the launch of Stars and Steel last weekend. (Saturday 16th May 2020, 11pm local Singapore time). In general, I think that the hour went well, and while it...
The Paint Tortoise Station

The Paint Tortoise Station

Published: May 02, 2020 Category: Wargames
Like most gamers, I live in a relatively busy home, which I share with other people. As such, its not always easy to find dedicate space for my hobby. While we all dream of that dedicated box room, with a corner desk stacked with racks of paints,...