Although you wouldn't guess it by looking at this blog, July was a busy hobby month for me. In fact, it was busy for me in a lot of ways, which left me little time for hobby progress. And, herein lies the challenge. Although I got a few bits done, most of it was incremental progress, and so not worthy of a full blog post on it's own. But, at the same time, its been a long time since I updated this place, and it is in need of fresh content. So, where I have a month like this, where there is minor progress but no big steps and posts, I will try to put together a blog post to round up the month.

Epic Armageddon

I won a few small victories in miniature in July. Firstly, I assembled the first third of my Epic Ork force. I have split this army into three sections - broadly the infantry, light and regular vehicles, heavy vehicles and the Gargant. So, the infantry bases were put together last month, adding up to the big Ork mob and the Stormboyz. I did also plan on assembling the Deth Koptas, but I only had the liquid superglue to hand, and the rotors really need the gel type to fix properly.

Secondly, I ordered in a bunch of blast markers. A friend was making a Litko order and after searching through their website I asked if I could tag on an order and split the shipping cost. I settles on the mini blast markers. Litko make a variety of markers in various shapes, sizes and colours. The mini are the second smallest, and the blast markers have a cool explosion silhouette shape and stand up in a small round base. Having received these, they actually work better than I was expecting, and I think that they will be perfect. Expect to see these pop up in several future games and pictures.

Finally for Epic Armageddon, I decided to put together my own list for the Genestealer Cult force. I have been a long term fan of the Cult.... It was my first army way back around issue #100 of White Dwarf, back when a Cult army came with plastic Imperial Guardsmen, beastmen and Khorne Chaos hounds... I put together a Cult list for Epic40K and started one for Epic Armageddon. There are already at least three Cult lists, but the most recent hasn't been updated in over a year and a half, and GW have expended the background a lot since then, adding a load of characters and situating the Cult in a specific context. So, I threw a lot of my ideas together to see what I could come up with. I am generally very happy with the result, and I will be putting together a list and army based on this as my second Epic force.

Stars and Steel

Following the release of this game, I wanted to get a couple of official fleets to throw onto the table for it, to continue playtesting more formally, and to demo the game where possible to generate more interest for it. So, I managed to get my first fleet printed. Now, I don't own a 3D printer, so this meant going to a local company to get it printed, and working out what I needed. In the end, I printed about 68 ships, and these will now need to be based... and some of the Destroyers are tiny!

Robot Purchases

There isn't much to say about my robot obsession. I continue to buy stuff when and where I can. Most of 2020 has been a little sparse in terms of robot purchases, but July broke this trend! The lone Bakugan was a pity-purchase, as I was feeling I wanted something... This is what Bakugan is best for, for me. I really like the line, but I am not super into it, so these are easy enough to pick up without being so expensive that I need to consider it carefully. The Siege Jetfire was a lucky find over here at S$90..... which is about £50, and discounted from around S$160. The two Whisky Jacks are convention exclusives, which as a huge Wheeljack fan, I had to have.

So, thats broadly my month of July. It was busier than it may have appeared at first. I hope that August will be just as busy, but more focused and productive.... but we will see if that happens in 31 days. Until then, thanks for making it this far.

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